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Young Entrepreneur

Geraldo is a young Entrepreneur living near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has the obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfill his potential as a human being. Geraldo currently owns multiple companies with his first baby Your Charisma B.V. specializing in the concept of Inbound Marketing.

In the last few years Geraldo and his team have helped thousands of companies and Entrepreneurs worldwide, exponentially increase their revenue using digital marketing as their vehicle. Next to that, he is the proud owner of the Elevate Rope brand and founder of 'The Elevate Family'. Also known as one of the biggest Jump rope fitness communities in the world.

The Elevate Family

Geraldo and his team at Elevate teach people how to use a jump rope to improve their mental state and physical wellness. "Jumping rope has changed my life. It elevated me to new levels, both emotionally and physically, and has shown me I can truly do anything I set my mind to. Through the Elevate brand and the Elevate Family, Geraldo wants to share this epiphany and inspire the searching souls looking for a way to get in shape, sharpen their minds and get to the next level in their life no matter what struggles or obstacles they might be facing.


According to Geraldo, jumping rope is one of the easiest yet most effective exercise routines for achieving incredibly amazing results with minimal effort. The benefits of jumping rope range from improving coordination and weight loss to increasing the intensity of strength training workouts, strengthening bone density, boosting mental health, and improving general body wellbeing.

Geraldo is a strong believer in strength, perseverance, community, and determination. And promises to continue inspiring others to adopt these same believes with his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Jumprope Expert

Geraldo Alken

Fought His Way Up

For many years, he struggled to find his way, get a job, and pay his bills after leaving college. They didn’t want him. He wasn’t experienced. Not good enough. Now, he manages two thriving companies, earning a 7-figure income, doing what he loves doing most.

After his Bachelor in Applied Psychology, Geraldo decided to look for a job so he can start creating his life. He sent out hundreds of applications, but none of them came back positive. Like most young men of his age without a job and mounting bills to pay, he became frustrated and unsure what to do.

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